Teacher training

Jesus was an outstanding teacher. And at its Teacher Training College, Solidarity with South Sudan prepares primary school teachers to follow His example. The Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC) compound is an oasis of tranquillity and hard work. The College buildings include six classrooms, offices for the College Principal and tutors, a well-stocked library and modern computer laboratory, and a semi-outdoor assembly area.

The Solidarity community at Yambio, the capital of Western Equatoria State, is international and inter-congregational, composed of men and women religious from different countries. All community members tutor at the College and they are accompanied by lay volunteers including tutors from South Sudan and other African countries.

The STTC offers different courses in accordance with the needs of students-teachers.

The Pre-service course is for young students who aspire to become primary school teachers. It is a two-year course at the College that offers accommodation and dining facilities, as well as laundry and recreation areas. The tutors’ Community House and the College Chapel are inside the compound, which is surrounded by a security wall with a guard house at the gate.

The South Sudan Teacher Training curriculum requires that the following subjects be taught: Professional Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Christian Religious Education, Physical and Health Education, Arts and Music.

Teacher trainees follow a prescribed two-year programme of study (according to the New National Curriculum in force from 2020), culminating in comprehensive exams and a nationally recognised Certificate in Primary Teaching. Graduates then have two month-long experiences of teaching practice in one of the many primary schools around Yambio.

Extra-curricular activities include sports activities, workshops of music, art and recycling of materials, and on other specific topics. An extensive selection of reference and curriculum books is available to help students with their assignments and course requirements.

There are currently 141 students in the college and 43% are women, a fairly high percentage for an institution that aspires to reach 50% of its enrolment of female students, with the growing awareness in the country of the vital importance of girls’ education.

The In-service course, on the other hand, is aimed at teachers who are already employed in primary schools in the country but without a formally recognised qualification. In August 2022, a new In-service programme mode was launched, partly merged with the Pre-service one. It is called Mode 2 – Weekend course: teachers already teaching in schools can update and certify their knowledge by acquiring the status of a qualified teacher, with a 2-year course at the STTC on Fridays and Saturdays (with some lessons during school holidays). This is a non-residential course, with only breakfast and lunch at the College, but the study materials are the same for everyone.

The student community at STTC is a microcosm of the nation that is South Sudan, as students come from all regions of the country and the Nuba Mountains. As such, it works hard to build peaceful relations between tribal groups within the College. The international community of tutors also provides a model of peaceful living and working together.

To date, 384 primary school teachers have graduated from the pre-service training programme. 70% of these graduates are currently employed in the education sector. Many of them have returned to serve in their home communities. Solidarity with South Sudan also sponsors selected graduates of STTC to study for Bachelor of Education degrees in Kenya. Once they complete their studies, these graduates will return, and themselves becomes tutors at STTC in Yambio for at least four years.

Furthermore, a new one-year degree programme was launched in July 2022, which will further elevate the qualification of the STTC diploma. The programme started with a class of 15 students and welcomes both STTC graduates and teachers from other educational institutions with equivalent certification.

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MARK 6:2

With the coming of the Sabbath, He began teaching in the synagogue and most of them were astonished when they heard Him.


teachers have graduated since 2013


of STTC graduates are currently employed


of South Sudanese women are literate


of current STTC residential course students are women


graduates are sent every year to study for a master's degree, after which they will join the STTC team as tutors.

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