Day 2



I slept really well last night, and woke up to begin getting oriented to the Solidarity House and routine.  This house is something like a provincialate or a generalate in a religious order.  Ordinarily, there is a small, stable community living here, but there are also offices and lots of guestrooms because the house serves as a kind of transit hub for Solidarity members coming to and from their ministry sites, as well as a destination for others, like me, who come to learn about Solidarity.  Father Jim Greene, M.Afr., our Executive Director, lives here, as does, now, Brother Felipe, FSC, and hopefully we will have others living here in the future.  Their work is not glamorous, as it is primarily one of administration and finance, seeking to support all of the ministry projects by making sure that their material, financial, and personnel needs are being met.

The house is welcoming and well laid out:  one first comes into a nice enclosed patio, a room that has become my favorite room because it tends to stay a bit cooler down there.  There are soft chairs, fans, and lighting for reading.  From there, one goes through a kind of atrium and into the hallway leading to the kitchen, dining area, and community room.  On the other end of that hallway are offices and a couple of bedrooms and guestrooms.  The house is comfortable but it also witnesses to a kind of evangelical poverty and simplicity that is appropriate to the vocation of the missionary in this land where there are so many poor and displaced people.

There are a number of wonderful people whose daily work supports life in this house, and among them are Assunta, Angelina, and Donna, pictured here.  Along with Emanuel, mentioned earlier, they keep the house in order and prepare a delicious hot dinner for us every day.

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Nov 10, 2021



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