Day 10


Irish Dance With Sister Jacinta!

Now, lest you think that everything around here is deadly serious, let me tell you about Sister Jacinta’s class in Irish Dance!  I stumbled onto this activity on Friday afternoon and was promptly invited to join in the fun.

I think we are almost ready for our world tour!  Perhaps we can charter a plane to Ireland and show the good Irish people what we have learned!


Friday Night Dance in the Yard


For the students and faculty here, this compound is their home.  They pray, eat, sleep, study, and relax inside this compound.  This is good in that it helps the students to stay focused on their studies and their progress in the rigorous two-year curriculum of teacher training offered here.  It is also necessary, however, because South Sudan is a conflict-ridden country, with rebel groups from which the people need to protect themselves.  Thus, in Yambio, there is a curfew enforced from sunset each day until sunrise the next morning.  The students here do not leave the compound during the week, and never at night.  They are free to go into town on weekends, during the daylight hours.

So, on Friday night, the students wanted to have a dance.  They played music and had fun in the large open area between the classrooms, the chapel and the library.  Rumour has it that even our principal, Brother Chris, and I could be seen dancing.

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