Day 13

This is Sister Jacinta Prunty, a Sister of the Holy Faith (CHF) from the “Emerald Isle”, the land of saints and scholars, Ireland.


Jacinta is quite an accomplished woman.  She has been a professor of geography and history at University College Dublin and at Maynooth University in Ireland for 27 years.  A few years ago, she learned about the Solidarity Teacher Training College here in Yambio, and, with her community, she discerned whether she was indeed being called to leave university life in Ireland and venture to this fledging country, where her gifts were very much needed.

Sister Jacinta is full of enthusiasm and energy.  From morning to night, she is always involved in something intended to better the lives of our students or to enhance the life of our religious community.  If someone needs a hammer and nail, go to Jacinta!  If someone needs laundry soap and a bucket, go to Jacinta!  If someone needs a wound bandaged, go to Jacinta!  If someone needs photocopies, go to Jacinta!

Jacinta is the coordinator of the religious community here and, along with Brother Sylvanus, our bursar, she looks after everyone’s needs.  I am amazed at how she manages to accomplish so much with so little time.  She teaches English and “Professional Studies” (the attitudes, habits, and skills that constitute a good teacher) and is involved in lots of other projects that seek to advance the quality of life of our students and to offer them ever-greater opportunities for professional growth and achievement.


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