Day 20


This morning, after early morning Mass, it was time for me to return to Juba and connect with Father Mike Bassano, MM, for my next destination, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) POC (Protection of Civilians) Camp at Malakal.  Martin, the administrator who had picked me up at the Wau Airport when I arrived, brought me back to the airport for my flight back to Juba.

While my time in Juba was brief, I did get to meet and make some delightful new friends, three Franciscan Sisters for Africa: Sister Felicia, originally from Pittsburg in the United States, was on hand to receive two young African Sisters who were coming to from Uganda to South Sudan to work in Wau:  Sister Josephine and Sister JosMary.  Here they are pictured at the Solidarity House in Juba with Brother Felipe.






Date Published:

1 Feb 2022


Fr. David, Mission Promoter


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