Day 21

This morning Father Mike Bassano (mm) and I are scheduled to leave for Malakal, a city in the state of Upper Nile, South Sudan, which has been plagued by ethnic violence and flooding, causing the displacement of almost 40,000 people from their homes.

Day 20

While my time in Juba was brief, I did get to meet and make some delightful new friends…

Day 19

On Monday, Sister Esperance invited me to accompany her as she travelled to Saint Daniel Comboni Hospital in Wau…

Day 18

Flights from Juba generally leave quite early in the morning, and today was no exception.  Emmanuel and Samuel made all of the arrangements and got me to the airport in time to…

Day 17

Today Brother Felipe and I visited the Daughters of Saint Paul bookshop here in Juba, where there are two Sisters on staff. The Daughters of Saint Paul were founded for the purpose of evangelizing through media and they are major publishers of books and multimedia for the African Church.

Day 16

This morning we celebrated the Eucharist for the feast of the Peruvian saint, Martin de Porres, who ministered to the African slaves being brought to the “New World” by the European colonizers.

Day 15

After Mass and breakfast this morning, Brother Chris, Brother Sylvanus, and I travelled to the Solidarity Farm in Riimenze.  Even though Riimenze is not…

Day 14

Brother Chris, our principal, has to be away this week on college business.  The college is already quite short-staffed, so I was invited to stay on this…

Day 13

Jacinta is quite an accomplished woman.  She has been a professor of geography and history at University College Dublin and at Maynooth University in Ireland for 27 years.  A few years ago, she…

Day 11

Market day with Br. Sylvanus

Journey with us.

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