Health care training

The Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) in Wau, trains young South Sudanese men and women to be nurses and midwives. They will return to their communities and help build a more just and peaceful society through their compassion and care for the sick.

The Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) is based in Wau and has been training students in the health sector since 2010. At the end of the course chosen, students obtain a Diploma in Nursing (RN) or a Diploma in Midwifery (RM), a course introduced in 2012.

Eligibility for this title requires three years of academic study and mentorship in a clinical practicum. Students do their practical training in hospitals and clinics across the country, sharpening their skills and offering services that benefit critically ill people, and save the lives of mothers and children by conducting safe deliveries.

There is a great need for professional nurses and midwives in South Sudan, and courses are established according to the requests of the country’s Ministry of Health. Professional healthcare workers graduating from CHTI total 22% of the healthcare workforce for South Sudan. 80% of CHTI graduates are currently employed in either Mission Hospitals or with health-related NGOs.

From its opening in 2010, CHTI has conducted uninterrupted training, despite the many clashes and disruptions in the area. Consequently, there is great respect at local and regional level for the CHTI community in Wau, which remained alongside the population of all ethnicities and faiths during the difficult struggle for independence.

Students at CHTI come from all over South Sudan. They live in community, which is a helpful preparation for life after training. In fact, CHTI conducts annual workshops on topics that include: Interpersonal Relationships, Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Coexistence, Building a Community Together, and Trauma Healing.

In South Sudanese society, the lives of many people and communities depend on women, who are important potential change-makers. CHTI encourages women to enrol in its courses to become qualified health professionals, bringing lasting change to individuals, families and the entire South Sudanese society. Currently 42% of the students enrolled at CHTI are women, but it is hoped that this percentage will continue to grow.

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Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction.


people have graduated from CHTI (253 nurses & 140 midwives)


of all CHTI graduates are women


of nurses certified in South Sudan have been trained at CHTI.


of midwives certified in South Sudan have been trained at CHTI.


of the CHTI graduates are currently employed

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