Solidarity with South Sudan

Solidarity with South Sudan is a new model of ministry and collaboration among women and men religious and the laity in serving the poor.

An initiative of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) and the Union of Superiors General (USG), it was born in response to a request from the Catholic Bishops of Sudan.

Its mission is to develop leaders, and to build the capacity of people in South Sudan to be teachers, health care professionals, sustainable farmers, and diocesan pastoral agents.

The organization is supported by Catholic religious congregations around the world, as well as by foundations and individuals who share our vision to build a more just and peaceful society.

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Life in South Sudan now

Life in South Sudan is both challenging and rewarding.

The challenges are the result of years of civil war, famines and, most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. Lack of infrastructures, food insecurity and internal displacement, make everyday life both an adventure and a study in survival.

The rewards come in the form of the South Sudanese people. Their resilience is inspiring, and their generosity is an example to us all. They are eager to improve their lives and those of their children, and to contribute to building their nation.

Latest News

Laudato Sì Week: Ecological Spirituality (Day 7)

“The Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) is a privileged place where we tangibly touch the mystery and beauty of God’s creation.  CHTI is a “paradise”, as some visitors say.  In our campus, we are surrounded by trees, flowers and rich vegetation, which impresses with its vastness and delights all with its beauty, especially in the rainy season” Sr Brygida

Laudato Sì Week: Ecological education (Day 6)

Sister Gullermina, STTC tutor and director of the In-service programme, tells how the Laudato Sì movement is an integral part of the College students’ formation.

Laudato Sì Week: Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles (Day 5)

“CHTI is a green, clean and environmental friendly campus, the flora and fauna around us evidently covey the same” (Sr. Bindu, CHTI Principal)

Laudato Sì Week: The Response to the Cry of the Earth (Day 4)

South Sudan is a very rich and fertile land, which is why it must be safeguarded by learning how to use its resources in an ethical and sustainable way. Br Joseph and Elias speaks about the Solidarity Agricultural Project in Riimenze


Your support helps South Sudanese who need it the most. Thanks to your donation, a better future for South Sudan is now possible!


“God makes Himself present and inspires the faith of the community united in diversity and in solidarity”(Pope Francis) Pray with us for South Sudan!


Help us to raise the awareness around our projects in South Sudan. Show you care, #southsudanwecare


Your involvement will help us to build a better future for this country. Together, for a Future of Hope and Reconciliation in South Sudan.

Solidarity Calendar

Take a look at what’s going on for Solidarity with South Sudan.

April 2023
01 Palm Sunday
07 Via Crucis in Rome with the participation of Solidarity with South Sudan members
09 Easter
10 Easter Monday
22 World Earth Day
May 2023
12 International Day of Nurses
21-28 Laudato Sì Week
24-26 USG Assembly at Sacrofano with the participations of Solidarity with South Sudan
June 2023
20 Refugees World Day