International Day of Nurses

We are glad to share with you this letter from one of the Catholic Health Training Institute graduate to celebrate all together the International Day of Nurses.

Catholic Sisters: “Experts in Building Communion”

The important thing”, the Holy Father reminded us, is to be able to give a faithful and creative response to the Lord”. Faithful and creative. That is what we seek to do with and for the people of South Sudan.

Appeal from the Executive Director

Your financial contribution will help the Catholic Health Training Institute continues to have a strong impact on the lives of many people in South Sudan

Newsletter from the Solidarity Agricultural Project

We are happy to share with you the last Newsletter from the Agricultural team in Riimenze.

Coronation of the new king of Azande

Rimbasa, the king’s brother, says: “This inauguration is important to the Azande people because the culture of the Azande community is now diminishing due to the globalization…”

Videotelling: A new model for Catholic mission

“We have a common mission and a common life together. That brings richness and variety.”

Online launch of the Solidarity book entitled “Collaborative mission in South Sudan”

The Solidarity book entitled “Collaborative Mission in South Sudan” has been presented and it’s now available.

Ready for tomorrow?

We are ready to present you the Solidarity book entitled “Collaborative Mission in South Sudan”.


We share with you “Arriving”, a poem written by Fr. Mike Bassano to wish evreybody a happy Easter season.

Why do you seek the Living One among the dead?

“Solidarity is love crossing the borders drawn by self-centrism, in order to enter into the situation of the other, for the purpose of mutual relationship and struggle that heals us all and enacts God’s beloved community.”

Journey with us.

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