South Sudan Needs You

You can help us bring medical care, food security, and educational opportunities, to people living in some of the most challenging and remote areas of South Sudan. Just choose the kind of support you can, and want to, give.





We need your support

Solidarity with South Sudan guarantees that every penny reaches some person in need. We’ve also learned how to make a little go a long way. Here are some examples of how your generosity can impact peoples’ lives.


$10 will provide basic learning materials (textbooks, paper, pencils) for a student. $50 will buy all the textbooks a trainee nurse needs for the entire course.


$100 will provide complete support (board and lodging) to a student teacher for a week. $250 will feed around 1,000 refugees and displaced people for two days.


$1000 will provide complete support to a nursing student in residence for two months. $1500 will pay the total costs to keep three nursing students in residence for one month.

How to donate

Instant donation

We use PayPal’s secure platform to facilitate instant donations. Please click below to specify the exact amount. You can also chose to contribute via credit card or direct from your paypal account.

Bank transfer

If you prefer to donate by bank transfer, click below to download our bank details. Information is provided for easy beank transfers in US Dollars, Euros and GBP.


Click the link below to contact us directly via email for details about how to make cheque donations.

To be more involved


Over 260 religious Congregations assist us in various ways – through donations, or by providing materials or personnel for our communities in South Sudan. If you represent a Congregation and want to support Solidarity with South Sudan we’d love to hear from you.


If you represent an institution or a donation agency and need more information about who we are and what we do, click below to get in touch with us.


Supporting a sponsorship means you accompany us in a practical and hands-on way, allowing us to make long-term plans for people and projects.

Sponsor a student

Individuals bring about change. That’s why we invest so heavily in training and formation. Supporting one or more of our students in their education is one of the surest ways to guarantee a better future for South Sudan and its people.

Sponsor a project

Projects build empowerment. That’s why we concentrate on four areas that directly impact peoples’ lives. Whether training teachers or healthcare workers, promoting sustainable agriculture or pastoral initiatives, your sponsored contribution makes all the difference.

Tax advantages

Italy (5 x 1000)

UK (Gift Aid)

USA (Friends in Solidarity)


The Solidarity Prayer

Father of love and mercy, You created our people from every clan, tribe and nationality.

It is your will that all our people should live in harmony, peace and unity, because we are all brothers and sisters. We ask forgiveness for the times we failed to live together in peace.

Heal our offences and help us to reconcile with one another.

Grant to our leaders your divine wisdom and help us to promote respect, justice and true reconciliation, so that the people of South Sudan may live in unity and peace.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Pray With Us

Download the solidarity prayer, keep it accessible and pray it as often as you can. Your prayerful support matters.

Let Us Pray For You

At Solidarity for South Sudan, we know the power of prayer. Add your prayer request in the box below. We will pray specifically for you and your intentions. You are welcome to leave your name and/or email address if you would like to, but it is not required.


    Student Project

    We use PayPal’s secure platform to facilitate instant donations. Please click below to specify the exact amount. You can also chose to contribute via credit card or direct from your paypal account.

    Online Link

    Do you run a website? If so, create an eye catching link on your site that links to ours. We will add your website to our list of supporters.


    Introduce Solidarity with South Sudan to your friends, parishes, congregations, corporations.


    You are able to volunteer to support us here in South Sudan, or from the your home, office or where ever you may be in the world.


    If you are part of a religious congregation, consider partnering with us to help the South Sudanese rebuild their country and reconcile with each other.

    Specific skills

    If you are a person with training in education or nursing, then we are very interested in hearing from you. Your skill and experience may prove very valuable in our context.

    To inquire about various ways to volunteer your experience to Solidarity with South Sudan please email us:

    Journey with us.

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