Women project in Riimenze


Solidarity with South Sudan is always promoting the gender equity, and this is clear in each project. We promote the women literacy at Yambio and Wau, and women are important part of our Pastoral workshops and many women are involved in our agricultural trainings in Riimenze.


Precisely in Riimenze, we inaugurated a new project dedicated to the Women.


Peace women project was initiated by the women aiming at empowering them and their girls to learn skills in sewing and eventually become self-employed. By equipping them with the knowledge and skill in sewing it would enable them to work and earn money to meet their personal and family needs if they committed themselves to persevere in learning and putting into practice what they achieve.


Sr Josephine’s main involvement in this area is to enroll the women who are interested and to commit herself to teach them and this requires a lot of patience and rate in this understanding because of illiteracy rate in this area. In order to build their competency in sewing, Sr Josephine employs those who have the skill to sew uniforms for the children in the nursery school and by doing so they earn some income to meet some of their needs.

She also helps and guides them in cutting pieces of clothes for sewing for uniforms and other clothes. The materials come from Uganda and are sold in Yambio, South Sudan. Sr Josephine supports the women by purchasing the rolls of materials for the uniforms.

The young girls have their small project of beadwork whereby they make rosaries, necklaces and bracelets. We buy the beads, threads and fishing line from Kenya, and sometime buy the beads and thread from Yambio.


The young girls sell their bead products and other clothes locally.

We help them to keep track of their income and expenses and monitor as they share the part of the income. Solidarity also encourages them to study in order to better their future.

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March 2021



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