Dear Friend,

Greetings to you as we prepare to celebrate this Christmas Season and the New Year.

We are increasingly aware of the effects of climate change,covid-19,migrant and homeless people, violence, conflicts, hunger which call us to a new awakening.

All of us on this earth are created in the image and likeness of God and through the incarnation of Jesus our humanity is given a sacred meaning. We must walk together as sisters and brothers searching through loving dialogue for the way to relieve the sufferings of people in our world. Hope thrives in those who do their part through generosity and self-giving to uplift the hearts all through compassion.

May the joy of this Christmas season fill our hearts in our rejoicing in God who loves us.

Enjoy this wonderful time.

Enclosed is another poem as a gift for you.




Acting positively

gently guided

by loving hands

authoring every journey


Intuitive knowledge

given to all

generous gift

uniting with You


Living peacefully

respecting everyone

migrant and homeless

accepted with love


Climate change

effecting nature

poisoning of environment

call to awakening


Walls breaking down

barriers lifting

inner eye seeing

everything belonging


Visioning better future

acting with compassion

firmly resolute

changing status quo


One thing knowing

interiorly aware

rejoicing in You

enriching our life


Date Published:

22 December 2021



About the Author:

Fundraising officer

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Navidad, Sud Sudan, Christmas,  Sudán del Sur