The Spanish Conference of Religious (CONFER) celebrated the 1st Edition of the Carisma Awards on May 2020.


The purpose of the Charisma Awards is to recognize the work that different people or religious institutions carry out according to the fundamental purpose of the CONFER: to encourage, serve and promote religious life.


For this reason, CONFER rewarded in 2020 different personalities who are recognized for their evangelical values ​​in the exercise of their daily work. The work of people and/or institutions committed to others through various areas of their personal or professional activity has been also recognized.


The CONFER Communication Service has brought together a series of experts to form the Jury. They are the following: Jesús Miguel Zamora, Secretary General of CONFER; Eva Silva, Head of Communication Service at CONFER; José María Legorburu, Vice President of the Catholic Union of Informants and Journalists of Spain (UCIPE); Elsa González, Board of Directors of Telemadrid; Santiago Riesco, TVE journalist; José Beltrán, Director of Vida Nueva; Silvia Rozas, Director of Ecclesia; Manolo Bretón, President of Cáritas Española; Javier Palop, Executive Director SM Foundation and Eva Fernandez, COPE Correspondent in Italy and Vatican.


In view of the nominations presented and the merits outlined, the Jury has decided to award among the others, Solidarity with South Sudan with the Charism of Mission and Cooperation Award.


Special thanks to Confer for this award, we are pleased to receive it. We are working, together with our donors, to the congregations and to the members for a better future in South Sudan.

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May 2020



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