Ten years ago, the first step towards the Independence


We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the referendum held on the 9th January 2011 to decide the future direction of South Sudan.

The question then was to decide, whether the people of Southern Sudan wanted to remain part of Sudan or to become an independent country.

The lead up to this referendum was a time of great excitement and uncertainty in a country that knew only decades of civil war.

Solidarity with South Sudan, through the person of Cathy Arata SSND and others, played an important role in enabling a peaceful and prayerful period in preparation for this vote. The campaign ‘101 days of prayer’, which was both ecumenical and interfaith, was an important preparation for this unprecedented plebiscite.

Solidarity is proud to remember its role in this.

For this reason, we want to share with you the pages from our Newsletter published on September 2009 when we started the ‘101 days of prayer’, as first step towards the South Sudanese Independence.

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January 2021



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