Dear friends,

We are happy to share you a last poem written by Fr. Mike Bassano, a Solidarity member based in Malakal (South Sudan)




Venturing into unknown

outcome uncertain

life’s challenges

boldly facing


At every stage

guided by faith

all suffering finding

healing in You


Approaching lovely day

with delightful wonder

Your presence ever near

when dark shadows loom


Celestial light

permeating creation

gently following

grace’s rhythm


Positively journeying

to whatever may be

hopeful hearts united

recreating our world


Calmly surrendered

control let go

freely accepting

nature’s flow


Peaceful river

cascading plentifully

such is my heart

swimming in Your love



Date Published:

22 December 2021



About the Author:

Fundraising officer

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Navidad, Sud Sudan, Christmas,  Sudán del Sur