Appeal from the Solidarity President


Dear Superiors General:

A kind greeting on behalf of the 19 men and women religious currently present in South Sudan and directly involved in “Solidarity South Sudan” projects. Both they and the people working in the Juba and Rome offices, as well as the Members of the Board, greet you and thank you for your interest and solidarity.

On the occasion of the celebration for the 10th anniversary of Solidarity with in South Sudan, an evaluation of the project and its impact was carried out: it highlighted the important contribution and impact during those first years, as can be seen in the attached document “Seeds of Peace in South Sudan”.

Speaking recently with the person who led that evaluation, she told me that “Solidarity South Sudan” is a permanent miracle, considering the reality of the context. A miracle made possible thanks to the generosity of all men and women religious who have been through the project during all these years, but also thanks to the congregations that have offered expertise, financial support or prayer. Thank you!

“Solidarity South Sudan” was born 13 years ago, as a response from the two Unions of Superiors General (UISG-USG) at a request from the Sudan Bishops’ Conference. The boldness of the Executive Committees of the two Unions was immediately supported by the enthusiasm and generosity of the member congregations.

“Solidarity South Sudan” is our project, a wonderful reality inter-congregational that accompanies, with respect and delicacy, the path of the people of South Sudan. Year after year, the support to the people, the prayer and the funds have been essential for the continuity of the project. Last year, given the special circumstances caused by the pandemic, we sent a special appeal for financial aid, which was responded with great generosity. This year 2021 the situation in the country continues to be very delicate, and this affects our communities and projects. Your financial contribution will help “Solidarity South Sudan” continues to have a strong impact on the lives of many people and the future of the Church and society of that country: thank you in advance for your help! The people working in the Rome office are at your disposal, and you can go to them if you need any clarification:

With the Feast of Pentecost approaching, we wish you the abundance of the gifts of the Spirit.


Emili Turù FMS

President of Solidarity with South Sudan

Date Published:

May 2021



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