Poem for the 10th Independence Anniversary

Fr. Mike Bassano wrote a special poem to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Independence. It is an important step for the youngest Country in the world!

Blessings to this Country! May this special day bring Peace, Justice, Freedom and Prosperity. Let’s pray together for a future of Hope and Reconciliation!


Rising Again

(10th Anniversary Poem)


Historical event

after decades of war

uniting together

unique journey unfolding


Entirely new country

with splendid diversity

of rich ethnic cultures

plentiful natural resources


Forging an identity

gratefully bonding

dreams achieving

independence calling


Enflamed by freedom

igniting fire of love

burning within all

searching for better way


Right to be themselves

undimmed by struggle

through trials of suffering

sustained by hope


moment arriving

courageously deciding

referendum voting

African nation creating


Joyful beginnings

yet shadowed by conflict

civil war looming

undoing great work begun


Too many years

of violence and conflict

of being internally displaced

or as refugees in other lands


Time is NOW for:

Seeking lasting peace

demanding justice

desiring new life

envisioning brighter future

trusting in God’s presence

guiding faith filled journey

to this present day


And they shall NOT be disappointed

for their LIGHT shall shine.


Resilient hearts

determined to persevere

facing every challenge

inspired to move forward


Voices prophesying:

“All South Sudanese

are truly ONE people

blessed by God.”


Harmony beckoning

respecting each other

walking side by side

as sister and brother


Rising again from ashes

South Sudan will endure

standing tall with Solidarity

enlightened by holy wisdom.


Photo credit: Paul Jeffrey (Referendum Day, South Sudan 2011)

Date Published:

July 09, 2021



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Descriptor: Rome Office
Gender: Female
Age category: 60+
Country: South Sudan

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