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Independence Day
On 9th July, South Sudan celebrated its tenth Independence Day with a simple flag-raising ceremony and a special prayer service. There have been few developments since Independence in the country amidst lots of challenges. The students prayed and hoped for a bright future for the new nation most especially peace, unity, welfare of the poor.

Visit to ‘House of Hope’
The Level Four students celebrated Independence Daywith the orphans at ‘House of Hope’ Yambio. They organized singing programs, cultural dance and games
activities for the kids. It was an opportunity for the STTC students to develop a strong self-belief that they have a gift to share with others as well as for the
children to believe that they are not alone.

First Woman President
Awut Akok was elected as our first woman President of the student body. Teachers and students were delighted, and promised full support to her and her leadership team. The team has started with full vigor to work for the welfare of the college and students.

Teaching Aids
Students in Level One created puppets in their Artclass for use as teaching aids with younger learners. Marks are awarded for the face and overall creativity. In the English class, the same puppets will star in lesson plans to develop oral language. They have a bright future, both student teachers and

Recruitment of New Students
Due to Covid19 pandemic no new students were recruited in the last eighteen months. The admission process for August is almost over. The newcomers begin
their course in the first week of August. STTC always focuses on increasing the number of female students to be trained as primary school teachers. We thank God we are fully operating successfully and Covid-free. But we are still observing protocols. Our total enrolment is forty-five, 20 women and 25 men.

Care for the Environment
The Environment Club is active in planting new trees and ornamental plants on the campus. Sr Guille, Br Jim and Mr Julius are instrumental not only in giving
awareness to the students on care for the environment but also mobilizing them to work on the garden along with them. The college, experiencing plenty of rain during this season, looks green and fertile due to the effort of the Environment Club.
First time visitors often remark about our colourful, tidy campus.

Martyr’s Day Commemoration
The death anniversary of Dr John Garang de Mabior is observed as Martyr’s Day in South Sudan on July 30. Dr Garang was the most influential person in the freedom
struggle of South Sudan. The student-teachers of STTC observed the day in a meaningful way by flag-raising and sharing stories of freedom struggle. They
remembered all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the nation and prayed for peace and unity.

Visit by Loreto and La Salle
Sr Baiada, a Loreto Sister and Br Alex, a La Salle Brother from Rumbek stayed at the STTC community for a week. They came to Yambio to recruit girls and
boys for their respective senior secondary schools. It was wonderful to watch the parents accompanying their children to get admissions in the country’s most
popular schools. The country needs such awareness and realization of the importance of education.

STTC’s Outreach Program
The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers run a project to cater to the needs of the orphans and children of HIV positive parents. On Saturdays they bring together
about 300 children to the campus and conduct games, classes on ethics and hygiene, etc. The children enjoy the day having fun, food and refreshment. STTC students are involved in organizing the activities. The aim of the program is to provide hope for the future.

Responding to Tombura Victims
A few parts of Western Equatoria State, especially Tombura County, witnessed shooting, killing, looting and burning of people’s properties for more than two
weeks in July. A small group of armed marauders intent on sabotaging the peace building initiative forced 21,000 people, mostly women and children, to flee their
homes. STTC joined the diocese to offer humanitarian aid.

Workshop at the Catholic University, Yambio
Solidarity staff contributed on 31 July 2021 to a training workshop for the lecturers of Catholic University of South Sudan, Yambio. Br Chris Soosai gave a presentation on the characteristics of the Catholic teacher, drawing on his own rich La Salle
tradition as well as church documents; Sr Jacinta Prunty demonstrated an ‘active learning’ approach to the university lecture. The sharing of expertise among the two Catholic colleges in the diocese, CUSS and STTC, enriches all.

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