Letter from Fr Mike in Malakal

Dear Friend,

Good morning and hope you are well. It was a great joy for me to spend some time in the states with you. Now it is good to be back with the people here in the camp at Malakal South Sudan.

The people have been concerned that the UN was going to withdraw its protection troops from the camp due to rumours circulating. Last week, however the UN came out with a statement saying that they are not withdrawing troops due to ethnic tensions and insecurity in this volatile area of the country. That will continue to protect our 33,000 people displaced by war in our camp.

Last Sunday after our liturgical celebration members of the church were invited by George Alphonso to come to his tent sheeted home in the camp to meet his wife Angelina and their newly born fraternal twins named Martin and Estella. After we prayed together that God bless and protect these beautiful children, we were given a glass of mango juice. Angelina and George then thanked us for coming to support them at this special moment in their lives as they await the baptism of Martin and Estella in our church in the camp.

God’s gift of life flourishes and is celebrated even in difficult situations such as our camp of over 33,000 where people live!!

Enclose is a poem entitled: “Pondering” to share with you.



Shattered, broken world

needing healing of hearts

committed to believe

Your presence ever near


Change inevitably comes

with patient waiting

and fervent action

on behalf of Mother Earth


Never too late

assisting nature’s cause

leading to wholeness

and fullness of life


Awesome mountain peaks

vast endless oceans

surveying beauty

in everything seen


Pondering many wonders

of Your precious creation

dancing with praise

each dawning day


Moment has arrived

making the difference

risking to speak

for compassionate justice


Seizing the day

gifted opportunity

Your creating Spirit

breathing in us


Stay well and enjoy each day.

Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

Nov 15, 2021



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