On Sunday November 21,2021 there was a boat carrying 28 passengers travelling on the Nile River from Khartoum to Malakal. It capsized on the approach to Malakal town in which 12 people drowned and 16 survived.

A mother named Bianca tried to save her 3 boys and 2 girls (Benson 17, Kur 14, Nur 10, Ronyo 8 and Adriana 3) from drowning but was unable.

The boat was overloaded carrying not only passengers but heavy materials and baggage without any life preserver jackets.

Such a tragedy could have been prevented if proper safety protocols were observed.

On Monday November 29 we held a funeral service for the children at our Church in the camp since the family were members of our Catholic community. Both parents, Benson and Bianca, were present. It is hard to put into words the depth of sorrow they must have felt losing all their children.

The faith of the Christian Community who gathered that day prayed and gave support to these grieving parents We were united in their sorrow with an unflinching hope that their children are safely in the loving hands of God.


Poem: Striving


Greeting the morning

new dawning of life

eager to begin again

embracing the moment


Life finds a way

opening diverse paths

leading to unity

becoming as one


Seeking lasting peace

hoping for justice

coming together

desiring better way


Everything has purpose

focusing on essentials

inwardly still

attaining goals


Stressful times

increasing awareness

importance of centering

remaining in You


Finding in silence

with compassionate action

Your presence enlivening

every life’s journey


Pandemic and conflicts

one day overcome

striving forward

meeting daily challenges.


Fr. Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

22 December 2021



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