The impact of COVID-19 on the Solidarity Communities in South Sudan


We are happy to share with you the Solidarity last publication: thanks to it, we would like to tell how, in the general context of South Sudan, the Solidarity with South Sudan communities have dealt with COVID-19 and how its members live and perceive the pandemic.

The difficulties have been many, but goodwill, motivation and the ability to learn and disseminate correct information from Solidarity staff have made it possible to face with courage and determination this calamity, which unfortunately in South Sudan can be classified as one among many.

In the margins of the text, we have included the voices of the protagonists of Solidarity, i.e. the people involved in the projects themselves, coordinators, staff and beneficiaries, through some of their comments and reflections on COVID-19, their experience of the pandemic and their main concerns.

Here you can download the complete version

Here you can download the short version


Date Published:

12 Gen 2022


Alice, Officer


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Latest news, South Sudan, Covid-19, Solidarity

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