Learning – a poem from Mike Bassano


Dear Friend,

We hope and pray for better times to come with an end to this pandemic as well as striving for peace in all parts of our world especially for us here in South Sudan. There is still sporadic violence throughout the country here in our state of Upper Nile but at the moment things are calm.

Enclosed is a poem that reflects hope for better times to come in our lives entitled: “Learning”.




Through furnace of humiliation

purifying fountain creating

enlightening clear path

greater union with You


Seeing with your eyes

loving with you heart

becoming like You

on life’s journey


Situations unfolding

causing concern

trusting Your guidance

renewing earth’s course


Believing in possibilities

inevitable changes

consummate hope

overcoming negativity


Sunrise initiating

enchanting moment

connecting with nature

revitalizing energy


Patiently waiting

good things forthcoming

walking confidently

narrating stories


Learning from everything

gaining inner wisdom

authentically becoming

integrally living.


(Fr. Mike Bassano, mm)


Date Published:

19 Gen 2022


Mike Bassano


Article Tags:

South Sudan, Solidarity, Peace, Hope

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