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Good morning and hope you are well in this New Year 2022. On January 16th of this year the opposition armies as well as the government army signed a ceasefire agreement in Khartoum, Sudan to stop the sporadic fighting that has been going on here in our Upper Nile State. We hope this leads to a durable and lasting peace for our people here in Malakal and throughout the country of South Sudan.

Enclosed is a poem entitled “Sailing” that speaks of believing in non-violence leading to understanding, dialogue and peaceful coexistence, which can be possible in our troubled world.




Instinctive awareness

abundantly living

no longer for oneself

surrendering to You


Clouds cotton like appearance

circling bright blue sky

colourfully displaying

rays of sun illuminating


Self-emptying necessary

purposely driven

goal of sharing

Your compassionate love


Everything is gift

graciously given

celebrating each moment

peacefully as one


Forward looking

unity in diversity

accepting differences

making us whole


Snowflakes descending

blanketing nature

childlike purity

for spiritual journey


Sailing together

to unknown shores

confidently believing

non-violence possible


Fr. Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

10 Feb 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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