Dear Friend,
Happy Easter Season to you in the Risen Jesus! We had a wonderful Holy Week and Easter Sunday celebrations in our camp as well as a children’s day on Easter monday with fun,games,snacks,dancing and joyful singing of gratefulness for the life we share together here.
Our people have lost everything since the civil war of 2013 but their resilient faith and hope for a better future to come has been a light that overcomes the darkness as we love one another as the Risen Christ loves us.
We are awaiting the visit of Pope Francis to South Sudan from July 5-7 to help us grow together as sisters and brothers here in achieving a lasting peace that will unite us here.
Enclosed is a poem for you in my wishing you a wonderful and blessed Easter Season. Arriving

Fragrant awareness
      of nature’s scent
seeds sprouting forth
       forever unfolding

Flowers blossoming colorfully
        trees bearing fruit
springtime of hope
        embracing all creation

Suffering world fragmented
        through violent conflict
courageous voices arising
        seeking elusive peace

Healing wholeness
        gift of Your Spirit
permeating hearts
         shaping futures

Morning breaking gloriously
          darkness of night
meaningful sign
           of refreshing newness

Present moment
            of eternal now
living fully
            with loving compassion

Easter arriving
            marvellous news
life arising again
            from ashes of death

Stay well and enjoy this wonderful Easter Season of hope.
Warm regards,

Fr. Mike Bassano

Date Published:

19 Apr 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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South Sudan, Solidarity, Peace, Hope, Easter

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