The story of Regina Bangireago, graduated from CHTI


“My name is Regina Bangireago from Yambio, Western Equatoria state. I am a recent graduate of Midwifery course at CHTI (class of 2022). After completing my Senior four in Kabalega Trust Secondary School in Hoima, Uganda, I joined St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara as a trainee in pharmacy and pediatrics departments. Through their capacity building program, I was selected for further studies to CHTI in 2018 by the hospital director. The biggest challenge I faced was having to defer my studies from 2018 to 2019 due to pregnancy. I am grateful to CHTI for allowing me to continue my studies in 2019, after weaning my 6 months old baby girl, whom I left with the grandmother. Another challenge faced was the pressure to perform by peers since no supplementary papers are offered at CHTI in case of failure of papers by the student.

CHTI is well equipped with professional tutors, who work tirelessly to ensure that lessons are completed as planned during the academic year. In future, I would like to upgrade academically and become a gynecologist once I have completed my 3 year bonding agreement to work as a midwife at St. Theresa Hospital, Nzara.”

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Date Published:

13 Sept 2022


Alice, Officer


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