Renovation work at STTC


On behalf of all students and the STTC team, we would like to heartily thank our donors who, thanks to their invaluable support, have allowed us to undertake a series of much needed renovations.

  • Purchase of 26 quality durable mattresses and new metal frames for mosquito nets for the first year Pre-service course students (PS1).
  • In the Girls’ dormitories six metal doors in the toilets and shower block were changed and all was painted.
  • An additional local oven for baking bread was made from the barrel and four metal trays. Daily around 700 breads are made for everybody to have breakfast. Using only one oven was not easy.
  • Repairing the floor in the Girl’s dormitory which had lots of broken tiles.
  • Painting of the STTC roof that is now protected and can still last for more years to come.

We are very grateful to the donors for the financial support. The students’ smiles are all for them!

Date Published:

06 September 2023




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