World Food Day – A story from the Sustainable Agricultural Project in Riimenze


This year’s World Food Day theme is ‘Water is Life, Water is Food’. This is a story about water in the Riimenze community, where Solidarity with South Sudan runs a sustainable agriculture project.

More water stations in Riimenze

Joyce Mathew is a single mother living in Riimenze, South Sudan. She explains how “Water and food are life. Without them there is no life”.

People eat food prepared with water,” she continues, “and drinking clean water is necessary to have decent health. Today I am very happy and proud of Solidarity with South Sudan and Friends of Solidarity for their great support to the communities living in Riimenze“.

A few years ago, in fact, the people of Riimenze struggled and fought for the few clean water stations available where they could get water for their domestic consumption.

Solidarity with South Sudan, as part of our sustainable agriculture project made possible thanks to the support of many donors, rehabilitated a well that multiplied the water stations for the Riimenze community, providing access to safe drinking water for the people living there and reducing the rate of diseases transmitted by unclean water, such as typhoid and diarrhea.

The number of water stations needed to reach the population of Riimenze, however, is still quite limited and many women still have to queue to get drinking water. This situation is even more untenable when elderly people or children are queuing. Women report that, during the dry season, when the other watercourses dry up, it is difficult to get water because of the congestion of the few water stations available.

It is necessary to install more water stations in the area so that all inhabitants can have easy and free access to drinking water, because water is life, water is food.


Date Published:

16 October 2023


Alice, Officer

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