Enjoing – a poem from Mike Bassano


Dear all
In wishing you yet another warm and happy Christmas, we share with you a poem written by Fr Mike Bassano (mm), who has served the people of South Sudan for more than ten years, remaining close to the displaced people in the UN camp in Malakal even in the darkest and most difficult moments.
His mission there has come to an end and all in Soldiarity thank him sincerely for his service with devotion, tenacity, passion and mercy, for his poems full of hope and faith, and for his love of life and people.


Calming inner peace

serenely letting go

surrendering gently

flowing with Your Spirit


Acknowledging time of leaving

contented just being

united with You

in life’s unfolding


Opportunities arising

seizing every moment

living reflectively

enjoying everything


Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

19 December 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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