St Dominic’s Nursery School Teachers: Special Workshop at STTC


In preparation for the new school year, four teachers from St Dominic’s Nursery School (formerly called St George Nursery School), in Riimenze, were brought to the Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC) for a three-day, residential workshop 23 to 26 January 2024. The training was the initiative of Sr Elizabeth Blok who has taken up the duty of school manager (temporarily), assisted by her fellow-tutors in STTC. They were joined by teachers from St Augustine and by the newest STTC tutor, Sr Sherly George.

The training opened with a session on Solidarity’s Vision, Mission, Ethos (thanks to Sr Guillermina in the photos), followed by practice in writing Learning Outcomes, scheme of work and lesson plans. Class management for young children (explained by Br Stephen Wandabusi) was followed by Language skills (pre-reading and pre-writing) and ‘teacher read aloud’ (thanks to Sr Jacinta). Each afternoon was devoted to practical activities to do with the children: singing, games, drawing, tracing, cutting and colouring (conducted by Sr Elizabeth). The implementation of the learning, in particular the planning of lessons, will be overseen by Madam Madeleine (headteacher), Sr Elizabeth and Sr Guille.

This workshop was designed for those who have not yet had the chance of teacher training. We hope these teachers and their successors in St Dominic’s Nursery School will undertake the Inservice path leading to Qualified Teacher Status in the future. Over the three days they demonstrated a willingness to learn and to do their best for the children. We wish them a good school year.


Date Published:

12 February 2024


Alice, officer


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