FMM sisters: new members of Solidarity with South Sudan


Message from Sr. Francoise Massy, Superior General of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary: LINK

The sending, by Sr. Francoise Massy, of our sisters Brygida and Frances, to South Sudan during evening prayer at Via Giusti, 19 February, 2022.

“You have both responded generously in faith to be members of the South Sudan solidarity mission. There you will be in community with other religious and lay people serving the local people in the area of health and education. You will live what our constitutions say <As missionaries, ready to go anywhere and to anyone to announce the Good News of salvation, we are sent in priority to those to whom Christ has not yet been revealed and to those among whom the Church is least present, giving preference to the poorest>” CS1

Today as Superior General, with the whole FMM family and especially with this community I send you to this new mission for 3 years”


May the Lord, look kindly on you Brygida and Frances as we send you forth to be messengers of salvation and peace, marked with the sign of the cross.

May God guide your steps with His mighty arm and strengthen you in spirit, so that you will not falter through weariness.

Make your words be the echo of Christ’s voice, so that those who hear you may be drawn to the Gospel.

May God fill your hearts with the Holy Spirit, so that, becoming all things to all people, you may lead many to God, the Father of all, to sing His praises always.


In the picture, Sr Brygida, Sr Margaret Scott (former STTC Director) and Sr Frances, in Rome, before the departure to Juba

Editor’s note: They arrived yesterday in Juba. Sr Brygida will serve in CHTI (Wau) and Sr Frances in STTC (Yambio).


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22 Feb 2022


Alice, Officer


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