World Day of Social Justice


In this week, we celebrate the World Day of Social Justice. Since 2009, the World Day of Social Justice has been celebrated on February 20th. The day is an opportunity to remember that social justice is necessary for peace, security, and development around the world. In its resolution, the UN recognized the need for more international efforts on poverty education. The promotion of gender, racial and economic equality and social well-being are also top priorities.

And this movement for the equality and social justice may start only if we base our lives on fundamental values such as solidarity.

So, this occasion is useful for us to share with you some small extracts from the latest encyclical of  Pope Francis, entitled “Fratelli Tutti” concerning the idea of ‘Solidarity’.

These words can give us a pause for thought, considering that the concept of Solidarity “with” is so central to our chosen vocation and to our projects in South Sudan.

“I would like especially to mention solidarity, which, “as a moral virtue and social attitude born of personal conversion, calls for commitment on the part of those responsible for education and formation…”

“When we speak of the need to care for our common home, our planet, we appeal to that spark of universal consciousness and mutual concern that may still be present in people’s hearts. Those who enjoy a surplus of water yet choose to conserve it for the sake of the greater human family have attained a moral stature that allows them to look beyond themselves and the group to which they belong. How marvellously human! The same attitude is demanded if we are to recognize the rights of all people, even those born beyond our own borders”.

“…Solidarity finds concrete expression in service, which can take a variety of forms in an effort to care for others. And service in great part means “caring for vulnerability, for the vulnerable members of our families, our society, our people”. In offering such service, individuals learn to “set aside their own wishes and desires, their pursuit of power, before the concrete gaze of those who are most vulnerable… Service always looks to their faces, touches their flesh, senses their closeness and even, in some cases, ‘suffers’ that closeness and tries to help them. Service is never ideological, for we do not serve ideas, we serve people”

(Pope Francis – Fratelli tutti, 2020).

Date Published:

18 Feb 2022


Claudia, Office Manager


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