International Day of the Midwife: the miracle of life


Today is the International Day of Midwives. On this day, we celebrate the midwives around the world, recognising the value of their vital role in preventing complications during pregnancy and reducing maternal and neonatal mortality.

The Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) in Wau promoted by Solidarity with South Sudan has for more than 10 years been dedicated to providing adequate training and knowledge to those who wish to become qualified midwives and safely assist women during pregnancy, labour and in the period following the birth of their child. Because becoming a midwife in South Sudan, where the birth mortality rate is still among the highest in the world, does not only mean saving lives, but also fighting for the growth, development and unity of the country.

Learn more about the “miracle of life”in South Sudan by watching this testimonial VIDEO.


Date Published:

5 May 2024


Alice, officer


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