Joy at the Riimenze kindergarten, a new teacher


The nursery school in Riimenze has a new female teacher. Her name is Joy, but her attitude is quite serious as she carries out her new responsibilities.  It was urgent to divide the reception class, which now has around forty children per class, into two groups. Joy is in charge of one group, under the supervision of headmistress Madame Madeleine, who is in direct charge of the other.

Joy is a young local woman who speaks Pazande, the mother tongue of the children in and around Riimenze. She is kind, caring, knows how to take care of and relate to young children and is able to involve the children in their tasks. Her appointment has brought a great improvement in the running of the class: the children seem very happy, free and engaged. They welcome visitors with smiles, songs and greetings, showing that they are full of life.

The new class is the fifth kindergarten group; fortunately, it is not too crowded now. But Joy’s children’s class needs tidying up. The physical environment is not yet up to standard. The facility is a local shelter with a dusty floor, a corrugated wall, and three small blackboards hanging. Turning this temporary space into a proper classroom is now our dream and our project.




Date Published:

02 May 2024


Alice, officer


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