The new building was blessed at STTC!


On 4 May 2024, the blessing of the new building comprising two large classrooms and an office was celebrated at the Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio (STTC).

Monsignor Eduardo Hiiboro, Bishop of the Diocese of Tambura-Yambio, blessed the new block, with Peter Mbia, Director General of the Yambio Ministry of General Education, the Vicar General, the Parish Priest, the Director of Works and the Construction Contractor, Tutors and students in attendance, making this a lively and joyful event. iThe Principal Br. Chris gave a warm welcome to all and gave special thanks to our donors, especially the US agency Sudan Relief Fund, for its generous contribution that made the construction of the new building possible. The Rev. Bishop enriched the meeting with his prayers and homily, while Sister Jacinta, head of Academic Affairs, expressed her gratitude for the meeting. After the formal blessing, everyone was invited to refreshments.

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9 May 2024


Alice, Officer

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