Coronation of the new king of Azande


On the 9th of February 2022, the newest king on earth was installed in Yambio, Western Equatoria. He is originally from Riimenze, near to where our Solidarity community lives. He is the grandson of the late king, His Majesty Gbudue, who was Azande king from 1870 to 1905, when he was killed by British colonial forces. At that time, the Azande kingdom was a powerful military kingdom covering parts of modern day South Sudan, Congo and Central African Republic. Since 1905 the kingdom was without a king, as both the colonial powers and later the republic of Sudan saw the Azande kingdom as a threat.

The new King, Atoroba Peni Gbudue was inaugurated as part of the desire to revive Azande culture. Speaking of the inauguration, the King’s brother Rimbasa said:

“The coronation of the new king was amazing for the greater Azande community because people have shown a lot of happiness across the country and in the diaspora”. Rimbasa continues:”This inauguration is important to the Azande people because the culture of the Azande community is now diminishing due to the globalization and now we need to preserve our culture, to preserve our norms and to promote the culture as well as build the social peace coexistence among our people and to provide service to our people.”

Last week our community paid a courtesy visit to the new King and shared refreshments with the two princesses .

Date Published:

28 Apr 2022


Joseph Mammah, Director of Sustainable Agriculture project, Riimenze


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