Riding – a poem from Mike Bassano


Dear friends,

we are pleased to share with you the last poem written by Fr. Mike Bassano, entitled “Riding”, to remind us how seeking a peaceful and compassionate life together is the way to feel communion with the splendor of Creation and God’s love.



Eagerly embarking
ongoing quest
for peaceful coexistence
on planet earth

Consciously aware
of sacred connectedness
to splendor of creation
uniquely bonded

Enlarging hearts
being full of compassion
to sounds of people suffering
crying out for healing

Rising everyday
anticipating wonders
from Your loving hands
recreating our lives

Evening stars
shining in darkness
indicating path
to integral wholeness

Priority of inclusiveness
binding us together
creating harmony
treasuring one another

Riding oceanic waves
going with life’s flow
everything unfolding
in gifted miracle of today

Stay well as we continue to pray for peace in our world especially in Ukraine.
Warm regards,

Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

29 Mar 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


Article Tags:

South Sudan, Solidarity, Peace, Hope

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