A history of life in the elderly camp of Riimenze


Agnes (not her real name) is about sixty eight year old and a grandmother and a great gran mother of many children. Currently, she is living with four of her grandchildren whom she loves dearly and wishes that they could study and have a better life in the future. Agnes did not go to school herself but she works hard to see that her grandchildren have the opportunity to go to school. She has worked in the di Solidarity with South Sudan Agricultural farm as a regular casual worker to get money in order to pay school fees, buy school uniforms, buy food and at the same time maintain her household. She is a gifted woman who has gone through hardships and one of the elderly women here who can make bricks and build a hut for herself and for her grandchildren and cultivate nearby within the village. She is a tall slim woman who continues to do some casual work in order to support herself.

Her dedication and hard work and love for education for the children has moved others and exempted her from paying school fees and buying uniforms for her grandchildren. This does not mean that now she can sit down. No, she continues to work and probably this is what is keeping her strong. Josephine, the responsible of the project, works in St. Paul nursery school where her two grandchildren are studying free and sometimes she comes to her to look for work and she is still going to the farm where there is a program for work for food.

She is a wonderful farmer and she is among the farmers who are rearing pigs. The farm has a programme of giving pigs – a male and female to the farmers who request for them and have proved capable of taking care of them. The farm provided her with the nails and she went ahead and build a pig sty on her compound. She also keeps chickens and doves. All this is for income for her family.


Date Published:

7 June 2022


Alice, Officer


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