Dear Friends,
Greetings from Malakal and hope you are well. The transitional government set up by the Revitalized Peace Agreement in 2018 will end in February 2023 paving the way for elections and a new government. But South Sudan is far from achieving lasting peace.
Violence between government and opposition forces continues in our Upper Nile State as well as in the neighboring Unity State.
In Unity State there has been an increase of sexual gender based violence with over 70 civilians killed and thousands displaced in Koch and Leer Counties due to destruction of their homes.
The Constitution is in progress and yet to be written and there is still no unified national army that are essential elements of the Peace agreement moving forward. A census needs to be taken before elections take place next year but with about 2 million people displaced within the country and over 2.5 million outside as refugees in other countries it will be difficult to achieve free and fair elections in this country with a population of approximately 12 million people.
We pray for peace in our world especially in Ukraine and are grateful for another 2 month ceasefire agreement in the country of Yemen where millions of people are suffering there. May the Spirit of peace renew our troubled world.
Enclosed is a poem I have written to share with you. 


Raising hands upward
summoning inner strength
overcoming insidious hatred
determined to keep loving

Gun violence raging
families grieving
innocent children gone
senseless killing  abounding

Breathing Your Spirit
into our very lives
cause for rejoicing
united together

Courageously facing
momentous challenges
believing something new
birthing among us

Compassion blossoming
.        for people of good will
standing for truth
against heartless war

Seeking elusive peace
within our grasp
positive attitude
of endless possibilities

Altering the course
of what has been
envisioning profound dreams
of better world on horizon.

– Fr. Mike Bassano

Date Published:

22 June 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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