Missioner Tale: Grateful for Healing


There is no Dentist for our people suffering from dental problems in Upper Nile State and especially in our UN Camp of 35,000 people displaced by war.
Therefore,our Catholic Community organized a team to reach out to all people in the camp in need of dental assistance.
With the approval of the Doctors from India at our Level 2 Hospital for UN staff and soldiers,we are bringing 4 people daily(mon.-fri.) to the Dentist’s office. The people here have not seen a dentist for 9 years since coming to the UN Camp in 2013 and have severe dental issues in need of treatment.
After being treated at the Hospital,we accompany the people back to their simple tent/tin sheeted homes. They thank us for giving them the opportunity to find healing from their pain.
It is a humbling experience to receive gratitude from people who are suffering here in South Sudan. 

Fr. Mike Bassano

Date Published:

27 June 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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