Success Story from STTC – Adiama Andrea


“My name is Adiama Andrea from Wau. I completed my Senior 4 in 2019 at Kapuki Secondary School in Gudele 2, Juba. My secondary studies were paid for by an aunt who was staying in Juba since my parents live in Wau, with no employment or prospects of income generating activity. I used to subsidise my school fees contribution with savings from small laborer jobs I took on during weekends at construction sites in Juba to purchase scholastic materials and other critical school requirements.

I joined STTC in 2019, after a friend, who had completed from STTC in 2018, recommended the college to me. Sr. Margaret, the former principal, supported me throughout the application process until my admission into the college.

Group meeting with the recent STTC graduates in Juba: 20.04.2022

STTC has equipped me with professional skills in teaching as well as life skills. E.g. basic IT skills, conducting of minor home repairs, and cultural skills (through music, dance and drama). By STTC providing quality education, I am able to get gainful employment to support my siblings and family at large. I am happy today because I have graduated as a professional teacher of English, CRE, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health. Professional teachers are very important and much-needed in South Sudan, especially Wau which is predominantly Arabic pattern.”

Conclusion: Education is a resource; that breaks down all barriers. It is the foundation of all progress and growth, both as an individual and as a society and needs to be nurtured in South Sudan.”

Date Published:

12 July 2022


Alice, Officer


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