Updates from the St. Paul Kindergarten – Catholic Diocese of Tombura, Yambio, Riimenze


After a difficult period due to the complications for Covid-19 and the difficulties caused by the robbery that plagued the Solidarity community in Riimenze in October 2021, the St Paul kindergarten resumed its activities in January 2022. The 3rd term was made up between January and April. It was unusual time for opening schools here in South Sudan and just like other countries, the ministry of education had to adjust the time and period for learners to cover the syllabus 2021 due to COVID-19. This affected the return of some children who did not report back to school for third term.

The new academic year started on 9 May with the registration of pupils. The kindergarten registered 207 pupils, 75 of whom are newcomers. The staff consists of 4 teachers (3 men and 1 woman), a cook and a cleaner. Sister Josephine of Solidarity  is responsible for the beginners and her task is to teach them the basics of language development. This means that all children at St. Paul’s Kindergarten go through her classes. Since the previous academic year 2021/2022, 15 pupils who were in the Top class were promoted to the Primary class. Most of them enrolled in St. Paul’s Primary School, which is located next door. The administration of the school is happy to teach and help those who remain with us and see them through their nursery school education.

Statistics according to gender and class

BOYS 58 21 10 89
GIRLS 70 33 15 118
TOTAL 127 54 25 207
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31 Aug 2022


Alice, Officer


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