Success Story from CHTI: Manair Bashir


Manair Bashir, a CHTI graduate, briefly tells about her experience. Here are her words:
“My name is Manair Bashir from Nuba Mountains. I am a recent graduate of Nursing. Before CHTI, I worked as a nurse at Mother of Mercy Hospital in Gidel, Nuba mountains in 2017/2018. I applied to CHTI through Dr. Tom, the hospital administrator. To my delight, I was admitted in 2019 for nursing course. I currently live with my widowed mother and 1 brother who support me financially as far as personal items/ pocket money is concerned.
Knowledge is power; and CHTI has done a good job in empowering us women. My biggest challenge was COVID 19 that banned international travel. I couldn’t see my family for over 6 months while other students from within travelled to see their families. In future, CHTI needs to include cultural programs to bring various cultures together in unity and harmony with students and CHTI community at large.” 


Date Published:

11 Oct 2022


Alice, Officer


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