Basic computer skill training for children: a great opportunity!


Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC) is one of the projects of Solidarity with South Sudan operating in a collaboration between the Union of Superiors General (USG/UISG) of Catholic Religious Congregations in Rome and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sudan and South Sudan.

The mission of STTC is to train teachers for South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains who will be dedicated and service-oriented. It educates to a recognized professional standard following the National Curriculum of the Republic of South Sudan, accredited by the University of Juba.

STTC launched a new outreach programme in August. It offers a basic computer skill training to the primary school kids coming from St Augustine parish. It is a four-months program: two days per week per batch, and one hour a day. Through this programme, the college not only shares its resources and knowledge with the children but also builds good relations with the people around.

The classes are organized in the evening from 4:30 to 5:30pm after their school hours. Our student teachers, under the guidance of Sr Shu Fang, conduct the classes. It is also a good opportunity for the student teachers to develop teaching skills in ICT, named in the national curriculum though to date underdeveloped in South Sudan.

The beneficiaries are children from classes, primary 3 to primary 6. We have 50% boys and 50 % girls. Totally about 80 are currently enrolled.

The program is organized by Sr Shu Fang, with the Principal Chris Soosai supervision, and helps student teachers to improve their teaching skills by teaching basic computer skills to the kids. Student teachers are well informed of the safeguarding policy. The curriculum of the teacher education program includes lessons on how to handle children and Sr Shu Fang is always present while classes are on.

During the three months of training, September-November 2022, the children learned basic Introduction to Computers, Windows, Paintbrush, typing skills, and Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. It was amazing to witness children’s enthusiasm to learn computer technology. They were thrilled to touch a keyboard for the first time. In 2023 this opportunity will be extended to young women living locally, along with English classes. There is much interest in this Solidarity outreach.

Date Published:

15 November 2022


Alice, Officer


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