Changing – a poem from Mike Bassano


Dear friends,

we are pleased to share with you a poem sent by Fr. Mike Bassano, from the IDP camp in Malakal, entitled “Changing”.


Images of life
plethora of diversity
revealing Your glory
shining upon all

Where is Your face?
where are You found?
gentle voice whispering:
” in My Beloved Creation”

Love is the answer
for wounded hearts
healing the world
into harmonious whole

Lifting us up
energy to keep going
never giving up
for You are near

Life’s challenges
positively encountering
chasing dreams
inwardly inspired

Cosmos unfolding
ever expanding
labor pains
of new life emerging

Everything is changing
unfolding to rhythm
of Your creating Spirit
alive everywhere

Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

21 Nov 2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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