Success stories from CHTI – Helping others, a passion, a mission: the story of Lual Mapiu Auyam


“I am Lual Mapiu Auyam  30 years old. I graduated from  Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) in 2021 ,now doing the second year of my bonding agreement  in St. Daniel Comboni hospital. I worked in the Paediatric ward for 10 months. I was appreciated by the hospital authorities for my work  and I was promoted to be the ward in charge in medical ward.

For me, being a nurse is not  just a passion but a mission for all that he received as a student. I find myself to be by the side of the patient who is in pain and nowhere to go for help.I sometimes  work  beyond my  duty hours because I know the patient needs me and no one else can offer what I can offer to them.Also I love to do God’s service.

I was born in a village in   Aweil, around 140 miles from Wau town.I have  two brothers and one sister.. My  father died in 1995,when I was three years old.It happened  during the war where we had no access to health facilities to treat him and save his life.

After my primary schooling,I  was doing small business to support my family while my elder  brother was studying senior grade. Later my brother supported me to finish my senior grade 4 .By  chance I got information from my parish priest  about the opportunity in CHTI. I thank God for this opportunity to continue my studies.

Besides helping my family for their sustenance and treatment of my younger brother, I am able to help my elder  brother set up a business in Wau town, also to continue his studies in the catholic university.

My greatest joy is to serve my community here and see the health situation improve in our country..

I dream to study further and help my fellowmen in South Sudan.”

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Date Published:

16 Dec 2022


Alice, Officer


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