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We are pleased to share a letter from Father Mike Bassano who briefly updates us on the situation in the Protection of Civilians site (POC) of Malakal and offers us 5 poems that we will publish one a month in his honour. Father Mike is indeed nearing the end of his service to Solidarity, after years of commitment and invaluable proximity to the internally displaced people living in the Malakal camp.


Dear Friends,

          Good morning and hope you are well.Things are relatively calm here in our UN camp in Malakal at the moment.

         There are thousands of people returning back to Malakal and other parts of Upper Nile State who are South Sudanese refugees fleeing from the fighting in Khartoum,Sudan seeking refuge here in our UN camp or going back to their homes in other parts of the country.

       We pray for an end to war here in East Africa and throughout our world.

        This year,I will be leaving South Sudan after being 10 years here in Malakal to receive a new mission assignment.

       Enclosed are some poems reflecting our own common mission journey to make a difference in the world.

       They also reflect this transitional moment in my own life as I leave the people here which is always sad and yet with an expectant hope of a new assignment to serve God’s people elsewhere.

Wishing you well and thank you for your support and prayers for me and our people here in South Sudan.

                   Warm regards,





Sailing to unknown shores

full throttle ahead

adventure awaiting

around unseen bend


Trusting in God,s presence

guiding life’s journey

of breathtaking experiences

awakening wonder

Date Published:

15 August 2023


Fr. Mike Bassano


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