The Season of Creation: Abundance of life


I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly—John 10:10

The Season of Creation is all about life, about learning to see life not only in human terms, but in all of its magnificent manifestations.  It is about learning to recognize that human life, as important as it surely is, is dependent on the entire eco-system for its survival.  While humans are at the top of the “food chain”, we are in fact dependent on every life form that exists beneath us and that makes our life on the planet possible.  While we humans are evolved in many ways, our position in the order of things requires that we assume an attitude of profound responsibility for all of the life forms that depend on us for their survival.  One of the significant learnings of the ecological movement is a greater awareness of the way in which the choices of the wealthy and powerful in the global North have an impact on the ecological devastation being experienced in the global South.  This emerging awareness requires that the people of the North recognize that the philosophy of integral ecology that Pope Francis advocates requires that we embrace a truly interdependent worldview.  Christ came so that all could have life, and have it more abundantly, as John writes in his gospel.  While often forgotten by the media and the geopolitical powers that govern the world, the people of South Sudan are God’s children, too, who are also deserving of abundance of life.

Date Published:

27 September 2023


Fr. David Gentry


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