Success Story: A Master Degree for three CHTI graduates


Below are the words of appreciation of three CHTI graduates who benefited from a scholarship sponsored by solidarity at Uzima University in Kenya for a bachelor degree and are currently tutors at CHTI. In November they returned to Kenya to attend their graduation celebration. They wrote from there:

Words of appreciation.

For the last few days, we have have continued to receive endless congratulatory messages from across the world.

It is with great honor that we celebrate the end of our pursuit for Bachelor’s degree in nursing at Uzima University.

As this day brings forth yet another joyous moment in our lives, we equally remember and celebrate every step and effort leading to this day. We equally welcome and celebrate the comments and posts made by our friends, relatives and supporters of our dreams.

For many dreams have remained night dreams, but this particular one was made a reality through the love and charity of the world. We made it to this point not because we had it all, but simply because of the immeasurable support we undoubtedly received from uncountable well-wishers.

For us, this monumental success has its roots in the unrewarded support of the members of Solidarity with South Sudan. It is today as it has always been our pride to be among the few South Sudanese who got to the reality of their endeavours through such unwavering support.

We are so delighted to have been conferred with a bachelor’s degree in nursing after long commitments by many members of Solidarity with South Sudan, including those who don’t even know us.

Words cannot explain how grateful we are for this, but we must reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that your good intentions for us are kept alive and sound. We look forward to using our knowledge and skills acquired at Uzima University for the sole betterment of all lives that we encounter in the course of our professional practice.

This achievement doesn’t belong to us but to those who wished us well through. For this we shall cherish you all to the end.

God’s blessings upon you

Date Published:

29 December 2023


Alice, Officer


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