International Day of Education – United we stand, divided we fall


In a historical moment particularly marked by violent conflicts and a rise in racism and hate speech, the sixth International Day of Education, to be celebrated on 24 January 2024, will have the theme ‘Learning for a lasting peace’.  As emphasised by the UNESCO Recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development, education is central to this endeavour as it can contribute to knowing and disseminating the values, thinking, behaviour and competencies needed to become agents of peace in people’s own communities.

And this is also the intention of Solidarity with South Sudan and the Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI), where young people from different tribes and regions of South Sudan, usually in conflict with each other, discover and experience peaceful coexistence and the richness of difference. CHTI recently celebrated Cultural Week, whose motto this year was: ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. These are the words of the institute’s director:

The week that has just passed brought us colourful and rhythmic music, dance, theatre and a variety of entertainment organised by the CHTI students. They were divided into three regions representing the whole country and showcased their talents with the different cultures of the country. They came together to learn and support and join hands for unity, peace and brotherhood through a talent show. It was a feast for everyone’s eyes, without exception. Everyone participated and danced to the rhythm of the beautiful traditional music and dances of South Sudan.”



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24 January 2024


Alice, officer

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