CHTI Success Story: Climbing hills and mountains to reach “zero-dose children” in remote areas of the Nuba Mountains


“My name is Atulu George Adam, I am from the Nuba Mountains, and I graduated from the Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) in 2015. I am currently working in the Nuba Mountains in the department of the Extended Immunisation Programme (EPI). I would like to express my sincere acknowledgements and gratitude to Solidarity with South Sudan, the donors and the administration of CHTI for their unwavering support, which has enabled me to become a beacon of hope for many young people who felt hopeless in their lives.  The CHTI is not only a training institute for nurses and midwives, but offers a holistic and humane education. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I have acquired at CHTI and do my best to improve the health of my people, despite the great challenges here in the Nuba Mountains, especially in terms of transports. Every day I climb hills and mountains, riding donkeys or camels, to reach zero-dose children, who have never been vaccinated, in the most remote areas of the Nuba Mountains and make sure they receive vaccines against preventable diseases.”

Date Published:

19 June 2024


CHTI team


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